TaeKwon-Do Belts

Everything in Taekwon-Do has a meaning and a philosophy whether it is one of the many different styles of junbi stance, hidden movements in form or in this case color of the belts, nothing was done haphazardly or unplanned. The systematic arrangement of belt colors is in itself a life lesson for growth not only in Taekwon-Do, but for the student to grow in other endeavors of life. The belt is only an outward symbol of the attainment of certain knowledge. Knowledge is attained be degrees, small increments of measurement. Just as a thermometer measures the rise of temperature by degrees, so does Taekwon-Do measure the rise of the students knowledge by first colored belts in grades (Gup) then longer intervals of black belt in degrees (Dan).

WHITE BELT Heen Tti 10-9 Grade

White belt is the beginner who knows nothing about Taekwon-Do.

YELLOW BELT Noran Tti 8-7 Grade

Represents gold ore; this shows that one must begin to explore, to work and dig to achieve.

GREEN BELT Pooren Tti 6-5 Grade

Represents the green trees; one must grow like the mighty oak trees, from a seed to great heights.

BLUE BELT Parang Tti 4-3 Grade

Represents the blue sky, which is higher than the tree, yet surrounds the trees and nourishes it.

RED BELT Hong Tti 2-1 Grade

Represents the color of the sun, higher then the sky, yet shines down on all, and is looked up to by all.

BLACK BELT Huk Tti 1-9 Degree

Represents the mastery of the basic techniques, they are one with themselves, a 1st Dan black belt is just beginning their journey of learning and teaching.