TKD Info


CTF Standards
1. Proper fold with full motion is required.
2. Land in stance at time of execution of technique, unless slow motion technique.
3. In general, all kicking techniques are performed high section or as high as the kick can be properly performed.

4. We do not do the ITF sine-wave movement.

FORMS: CTF practices the original 24 traditional forms.
1. We do the Chang Hon (Blue Cottage) forms, the original set of forms which has Ko-Dang at 4th degree, we do not do the form Juche. Consult the CTF Rules and Regulations for order of forms. The various TKD forms CD’s and books are for reference only and are not a replacement for a certified CTF instructor.
2. For testing, judges watch the student’s forms as the primary method to determine their ability/level.
3. Each movement must be completed with power and snap, before starting the next movement.
4. Use facial expression and ki-ups to show intensity.
5. Stances are the foundation and will make or break the form.

1. Students must learn One-Step Sparring, Three-Step Sparring, Two-Step Sparring, Foot Technique Sparring, One-Step Free-spar, and Sitting Sparring.
2. Must be realistic action with power and snap.
3. Don’t stand too far apart.
4. Always return to fighting stance at end of counter attack.
5. Use facial expression and ki-ups to show intensity.
6. All attacking punches are focused to the face.
7. Use techniques from your level of training and limit the number of counter attacks to a sensible amount.

1. Being one of the few Traditional Taekwon-Do Federations remaining, we use an average of 70% kicking techniques and 30% hand techniques.
2. Target areas are control to the head and light contact to the mid-section. The back and below the belt are not target areas.

1. Safety is first – make sure breaking materials will not injure anyone, such as holding breaking materials in front of someone’s face.
2. Wood only unless approved by a Senior Master.
3. Learn how to hold properly from a Master.
4. Sequence shall be as follows:
Bow to instructors/judges, go to Chun-bi, state name and describe the break, concentrate for a few seconds and do the break. You will not be allowed to line up the break again. For combination breaks the action must be continuous/one action, avoid stopping between breaks.
5. Action = Speed, Accuracy, Power