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The CTF Progress Diary
Setting Goals:
One of the best methods of reaching your goals is to write them down. A written goal represents a real commitment and without a commitment, a goal will likely not be achieved. Having a goal enables you to focus on designing ways to attain it, i.e. an action plan.

When you set your goals, make them a specific and measurable as possible, specific goals, help you create specific action plans with measurable results. Do not set a goal that is too difficult. You can always refine your goals as time goes on and circumstances change. Set small achievable goals and work day by day to reach them. In this way, you will have a feeling of accomplishment and therefore be motivated to continue.

Smart Goals:
S Specific, M Measurable, A Attainable, R Relevant, T Time-bound,

The CTF Progress Diary can assist you in setting, tracking, monitoring and attaining your goals. In the book are some examples of how to use the progress diary. In the back of the book you will be able to list the events and functions you have attended to check and see how they have assisted you in reaching your goals. For the younger student this could be of great benefit by having your parents and instructors being involved with the setting of an action plan and ultimately the attainment of your goals. For the older student this could be of great benefit just by helping you prioritize and keep track of your training especially with all life throws at you. There is also fifty-two motivational/inspirational quotations listed that just may help you along the way, one for each of the 52 weeks in the book.

Hopefully you will find this book helpful in setting and attaining and exceeding your CTF or any goals. More information can be attained by contacting Grandmaster Lenny Young.