CTF Progress Diary

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Master Lenny Young, 7th Dan
Regional Hdqs. Intl. Chin Mu Kwan Fed.

C.T.F. Progress Diary

It has been proven that one of the most effective ways of achieving your goals is to write them down. A written goal represents a real commitment. This book can help you reach your goals with specific action plans and weekly monitoring.
For the younger students, this could be a great benefit by having your parents and instructor being involved with the setting, action plan and ultimately the attainment of your goals.
For the older students this could be of great benefit just by helping you prioritize and keep track of your training especially with all life throws at us.
There are fifty- two motivational/inspirational quotations listed that just may help you along the way.
Toward the back of the book is a section where you can keep track of all the events and functions you attended in addition to your weekly training.
To help organize your thoughts use the “Notes” pages toward the back of the book.
At the end of the book is the Taekwon- Do oath, fact/information page and a map of ancient Korea.
Hopefully, you will find this book to be a useful tool in setting, attaining and exceeding your goals.

Good luck,
Master Lenny Young, 7th Dan C.T.F.

How to order:
Bulk orders of 10 or more books – $3.25 per book, shipping included
Orders of 9 or less – $5.00 per book, shipping included
Order will ship upon receipt of payment via cash, check or money order payable to:
Young’s Tae Kwon Do
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Or youngstkdctf@yahoo.com (follow up with payment via U.S. mail)
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