Tournament Form

Chin Mu Kwan Tae Kwon-Do Federation

Three Critical Elements
by David D. Harvey – 4th Dan CTF

1. Appearance
· always wear a complete white traditional uniform, in accordance with the CTF standard
· your uniform should be cleaned and pressed
· belt should be tied properly – ends must be even

2. Attitude
· show your discipline while waiting for your turn – sit quietly
· always show respect – bow to the panel of judges
· respond to the judges with confidence – speak loudly and clearly; respond with “YES SIR” (or ma’am) when called to perform
· present yourself properly:

“Judges, my name is . My style is Tae Kwon Do.”
“My form is . May I have your permission to begin please?”

· be intense! kiup LOUDLY during your performance!

3. Performance
· perform the highest form (appropriate for your rank) that you know thoroughly; do not present a form that you are unsure of, or have not practiced sufficiently
· space yourself appropriately in the ring; allow enough floor space to complete your form uninterrupted
· during your performance – use correct posture, keep your back straight, and your body aligned with your kicks; do not lean forward or to the side
· exaggerate your techniques – LOW and DEEP stances, BIG arm movements
· kick as high as you can without losing your balance
· kicks should be locked out straight for a split second
· avoid stiff movements; graceful and powerful is the key
· if you make a mistake – don’t stop! Don’t acknowledge your mistake!
· breathe as you execute your techniques
· eye contact – keep your eyes focused on an imaginary opponent
· use timing – engross your audience in your performance
· you must “create an atmosphere” that captures the judge’s attention
· a good form practitioner will become so totally involved during his or her performance that they will not notice any distractions

Remember – In order to perform like a champion,
you must practice like a champion!